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Sunday, October 19, 2014

This line in my textbook makes it almost worth the $160 I spent on it


This line in my textbook makes it almost worth the $160 I spent on it


"You’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel"

God DAMN thats some Shakespearean shit right there

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Saturday, October 18, 2014



This is supposed to be Queen Minako’s episode, as last time’s preview promised…

And you’re telling me they gave 75% of the screentime to fucking Mamoru and Usagi!? Might as well make Mamo’s episodes a three-parter. At least it could’ve saved us from the deceit of slapping Minako’s name on the episode’s title card while the episode itself barely dipped a toe in the depth of her character. Fuck Mamoru tbh, go away/

Despite how Minako’s name is in the goddamn title, the episode did not acknowledge her character development and instead, they gave us a shallow ass resolution to her cookie-cutter soldier of solitude issue? Which, again, came down to Jesus!Usagi shining the light of ~friendship on yet another tortured soul… sick of it.

And it’s extra pathetic this time because the episode had so. much. material it could’ve used. Are they seriously going to let all that Sailor V material rot in the closet!? Plus, where the hell did her personality go? Heck, where did all the Inner Senshi’s personalities go? Who are these hollow voids you call characters and what have you done to my girls?

FFS, bb Minako is made of so much more than this. She is integral to the story, especially this first arc. Homegirl deserves at least three episodes solely dedicated to her character. The characterization of this girl is everything to me.

This does it. I’m at the edge of quitting this. I don’t think I’m going to watch this as it releases and just binge the rest of the eps after the arc concludes.

Friday, October 17, 2014

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Trans Woman Dares Bible-Quoting Councilman to Stone Her to Death

that’s fucking hardcore


This will never be overshared



My little lion man has personality, alright!


My little lion man has personality, alright!


I just found out that Candice Patton (who plays Iris West on The Flash) is half Filipina! Yasss

Represent, gurl! She’s probably one of the few visible Filipinos in Western media since, like, Dante Basco from however long ago.

Oh my god, I’m gonna have to watch a CW show now. I heard the show was fun though, and it’s doing really well with ratings so yay

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bye Marvel.

I have all the issues in the world with DC’s comic books (especially all its asshat writers that are too high in number to name), but at least the movie studios are going to give us Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Black Adam movies. 

That’s three men of colour and a standalone female-led movie, fucking finally!? 

If they gave us Birds of Prey too, that would be perfect. But oh well, small steps. (I just want my bb Babs on screen omg)

Your move, Marvel.

No wait. You’re too busy adapting the absolute shitfest that was Civil War and tearing your hair out over which wrong casting decision you’re going to make on Doctor Strange (though it’s obvs going to Bennyhill. Oscar Isaac would be a pleasant surprise, however.)

2020 is too far away though, ugh.

Friday, October 10, 2014
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